Sinusitis, also known as sinus infection. It is the inflammation of the air cavities within the passages of the nose. It is a common condition and is usually caused by a viral infection. Sinusitis might start because of a cold or allergies. Acute sinusitis is usually caused by a viral infection and often develops rapidly. Acute sinusitis usually starts with cold like symptoms such as a runny, stuffy nose and facial pain. It usually lasts for 4 weeks or less, and the symptoms often begin to clear up within a week without any treatment. Chronic sinusitis is usually caused by a bacterial or fungal infection. These infections may be difficult to treat. Chronic sinusitis can lead to permanent changes in the mucous membranes that line the sinuses and may make you more prone to sinus infections. If you think if there is any alternative to this, yes there is. The Homeopathic Alternative Homeopathy is a natural medical system that utilizes extremely small doses of substances from the plant, mineral, or animal kingdom to augment a person’s natural defenses. Rather than inhibiting or suppressing symptoms, homeopathic medicines are prescribed for their unique ability to cause the symptoms. Ultimately, these natural medicines strengthen the person’s own defenses enabling them to regain health more rapidly.
Best Homoeopathic remedies for Sinusitis:
Kali Bichromicum:The distinguishing feature of children with sinusitis who need this medicine is that they have a thick, stringy nasal discharge. They have extreme pain at the root of the nose that is better by applying pressure. The bones and scalp feel sore. Dizziness and nausea when rising from sitting and the severe pain may lead to dimmed vision. The sensation of a hard substance compels one to blow the nose, but there is no discharge from the dry nose.When blowing nose violent stitches in right side of nose, and sensation as if two loose bones rubbed against each other. Expired air feels hot in nose. Sensation of fetid smell from the nose due to blockage. Discharge of hard, elastic plugs (clinkers) from nose. Snuffles of infants, particularly in fat, chubby, little babes, where there is a tough, stringy discharge from the nose. Patient isIll-humour, low-spirited, listless and anthropophobia. Taciturnity, misanthropy, vanishing of thoughts. Aversion to mental exertion.Weak memory and anxiety arising from chest.
Mercurius Solubilis:One of the best Homoeopathic remedies for Sinusitis. Tension, pressure, and sensation of heaviness in nose.Blackish colour of nose.Inflammatory swelling and shining redness of nose, with itching. Scabs in nostrils and bleeding when cleansed the nose.Discharge of a greenish fetid and corrosive pus from the nostrils. Dirty nosed children and frequent and profuse bleeding from nose, even during sleep, and sometimes when coughing.Obstruction and dryness of nose with frequent sneezing.Dry coryza, with obstruction in nose, or fluent coryza, with copious discharge of corrosive serum.Putrid smell from nose. Great anguish, restlessness, and agitation, with fear of losing the reason, or with excessive internal torment, principally in evening, or in bed at night, as if conscious of having committed some crime. Moral dejection, with great listlessness, discouragement, dread of labour, and disgust to life.Great indifference to everything.Does not even care to eat. Answers questions slowly. Weakness of memory and will-power lost.Instability of ideas, which constantly drive away each other.

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