Allergic Rhinitis

Allergies are caused by hypersensitivity of the immune system to something in the environment that usually causes a little or no problem in the people. Sneezing, difficulty in breathing, running nose, redness of eyes and vomitings are allergic rhinitis symptoms. Allergic rhinitis is also called as “Hay fever”. Homoeopathy medicines are highly effective in allergies.Homeopathic remedies for allergy not only helps in providing relief in acute attacks of allergy, but also works to cure the allergy by extracting the underlying root cause. Homoeopathy medicines are best, not to suppress the symptoms of the skin or mucous membranes since that can actually drive the process of irritation further into the system, creating such conditions as asthma and joint pains. The Homeopathic treatment for allergies are completely safe, since the homeopathic medicines are sourced out of natural substances and there are no toxins involved. The natural Homeopathic remedies that are best suited are chosen on the basis of the symptoms and characteristics narrated by each patient.
Best Homoeopathic remedies for Allergic Rhinitis:
Arsenicum Album:Thin watery excoriating discharge from nose, nose feel stopped up not relieved by sneezing. Hay fever and coryza worse from open air. Burning sensation in nose. Fluent coryza with violent sneezing. Voice become rough and hoarse due to allergic rhinitis. Patient is mentally very restless, extremely nervous, and anxious with great fear if being alone and anxiety for simple things. Wants to be everything neat and clean, religious character is the key symptom of Ars.alb. Hallucinations of smell and sight. Does not want to meet his acquaintances, thinks he has offended them. Fixed ideas.
Gelsemium:This is one of the best Homoeopathic remedies of allergic rhinitis. Sneezing followed by tingling and fullness in the nose. Early morning sneezing with streaming of water from nose. Profuse watery discharge excoriates the nostrils. Allergic rhinitis symptoms were relieved by cold, open air. Dullness, dizziness and drowsiness are the key symptoms of Gelsemium. It is suited for children, young people, especially women of a nervous and hysterical temperament. Patient is extremely restless, afraid of being alone, very irritable and does not wish to be spoken to, answers slowly. Child starts and grasps the nurse and screams as if afraid of falling. Confusion of mind and indifferent regarding his illness. Wants to throw himself from a height.
Allium cepa: Allergic rhinitis with profuse watery discharge from the nose, with sneezing, acrid burning, excoriating the nose and upper lip. Fluent coryza, with running of water from the eyes, headache, heat, thirst, cough, trembling of the hands. These symptoms are worse in evening, coming into warm room, damp weather, and spring; relieved in the open air. Morning coryza with violent sneezings and bleeding from nose. Dry coryza with sleeplessness from soreness of mouth. This remedy is mostly effects on mucuous membranes. In the coryza the inflammation spreads to the ears, throat and the larynx. Every year in August, morning coryza, with violent sneezings, very sensitive to the odour of flowers and skin of peaches. It is a difficult matter to find a constitutional remedy when hay fever is at its height, for it resembles an acute disease.

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