Tonsils are round shaped glands in the back part of the throat. They defend against any offending organisms entering the body through the throat. These organisms may be viruses or bacteria. Tonsils are part of the body’s defence system or the immunity. Homeopathic medicines are so effective in treating tonsillitis that one never needs to remove tonsils surgically. Homeopathic medicines are perfectly capable of dealing with both the acute and chronic forms of tonsillitis. In acute cases, the attendant symptoms of pain, fever and chilliness are also easily cured with the right homeopathic medicine. When it comes to curing chronic tonsillitis, Homeopathy believes in strengthening the immune system. Once the immunity is strengthened, it allows the body to deal with the infections in an efficient manner and without getting overwhelmed. The same tonsils perform their function in a better manner and don’t swell or cause pain.

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