You can see your tonsils in the back of your throat, but where are your adenoids? ... Adenoids do important work as infection fighters for babies and little kids. ... Swollen or infected adenoids can make it tough to breathe and cause problems. Your Adenoids are high up your throat. They trap germs coming in your mouth and nose. The Homeopathic philosophy strongly believes in preserving the nature and all its creations in its pristine glory. The adenoid tissue should be retained in the body and allowed to perform its natural functions. The swelling and the enlargement of the adenoids can be removed or should one say, cured completely with Homoeopathy. Homeopathic medicines used in the treatment of adenoids cure the infections completely and the size of the adenoids comes down to its normal self. Thereafter, the adenoids can keep on performing their function in a perfectly normal manner.

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